A Child is Born in Bukavu – Christmas Message

A child is born in Bukavu, and sadness fills his mother’s heart… Bukavu is not the city of David. It is a town in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. War has been ravaging the country for years. Ever since Kabila invaded the former Zaire with military support from the US. It … Continue reading

Mormon Liberals Could Loose the Culture War

One might say, and rightly so, that “Latter day Satyagraha” (this website) is a nonviolent practitioner’s contribution to a liberal Mormon spirituality. An acute problem is that the site’s content is probably alienating the very people to whom this message might actually matter. To some Mormon readers of my site, the experience might be rather … Continue reading

‘A Life Connected’ (video)

Be a Vegan for The People Be a Vegan for The Planet Be a Vegan for The Animals


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